Beautiful Minds

3rd Monday, 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Beautiful Minds seeks to inform people about mental illness, promote mental health in all of us, increase acceptance and erode the stigma of mental illness. The show includes news, interviews, resources, humour and events related to mental illness. We explore common perceptions of mental illness, examine differing viewpoints regarding health service delivery, and include personal stories of those experiencing mental illness.                                          

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Volunteering with Beautiful Minds Radio
We're looking for volunteers to join our collective and help produce the show. Co-op Radio provides training. Please e-mail:

New website coming soon!
As you may have seen, we have been very quiet on this website and on our social media platforms! Good news: we will be back with a new website on August 31st. We will also resume our presence on Facebook and Twitter starting August 1st.

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